Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Seed & Map: grossanatomy


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  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 4.2
DW 5.3
C 2.4
W 3.5
SP 5.1
VR 3.8
AF 2.1

My Review

Normally, a board that scores this low wouldn't get a map, but there was something very interesting about this map that made me want to see what the whole thing looked like. And I'm really glad I did. The island in the southwest corner is a really cool mix of forest, grassland, and desert. As for the rest of the map, you're light on trees and most of the caves require digging and luck to find them, so for that this map is not recommended for beginners. Though rated low (second worst of the day), any map with an instant obsidian maker is worth checking out.

Items of Interest

Warning: the following list contains coordinates and descriptions of the majority of resources and other features in this seed. If you prefer to discover these things on your own, skip ahead to the final paragraph.

  • [-69.69.135] a really nice cove to park your boat
  • [-74.68.85] clay
  • [-219.72.173] overhang and a cave
  • [-263.75.151] a deep cave with plenty of iron and coal
  • [-400.66.376] this is an awesome shortcut cave
  • [-397.72.378] coal deposit
  • [-238.73.384] sugar
  • [-194.76.381] pumpkin
  • [167.66.190] clay
  • [229.72.249] pumpkin patch
  • [324.65.356] sugar
  • [381.72.13] deep iron cave
  • [331.65.-134] flowers and seeds
  • [289.65.-321] hidi-hole with coal deposit
  • [140.90.-339] small floater
  • [20.73.-322] shortcut cave
  • [-11.73.-313] hidi-hole
  • [-20.72.-259] shortcut cave
  • [-97.69.-302] red flower patch
  • [-347.65.-304] gravel
  • [-378.65.-218] deep hole
  • [-266.65.-14] lava pit near water for instant obsidian
  • [-87.65.-75] large clay deposit
  • [43.71.-57] large cave
  • [126.83.-63] large basin
  • [185.73.-55] crazy divot formation/stone/coal

Image Coordinates

Well, it's one of my favorite photographs. Good balance. I got the waterfall in there too. I liked this shot. At right, some of the many islands and peninsulas that dot the east side of the map.

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