Saturday, September 22, 2012

Legendary Seed: ashokan

Special Achievements

  • Perfection! This seed has achieved one or more perfect scores.
  • Legendary Seed! This seed has scored an astonishing 55+ out of 70 in the overall score.
  • Golden! This seed has scored higher than 50 out of 70 in the overall score.
  • Premium! This seed has scored higher than 40 out of 70 in the overall score.
  • Rolling! Higher than 8 out of 10 in hills and mountains.
  • Spelunked! Higher than 8 out of 10 in caves.
  • Cakewalk! Higher than 8 out of 10 in visible resources.
  • Anseled! Higher than 8 out of 10 in awesome features.


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • ++ Advanced ++
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn and Version

Spawn: 20.65.9
Version: XBL 1.1.1 (equiv Beta 1.7.3)

Seed Score
MH 9.6
DW 4.4
C 9.1
W 7.6
SP 6.4
VR 8.1
AF 10.0


Ashokan was the name of the house Jimi Hendrix stayed in when he lived outside of Woodstock.

My Review

Here it is, people. The part where Minecraft blows your brains out all over the floor, compresses the bits into lapis lazuli, and then sells them on Ebay for a tidy little profit.

If you're on a quest to find the perfect flatland, then this seed is not for you. How do I even put into words what I found on this seed? I can tell you almost every square inch of the map is covered by a mountain and that most of them are doing something ridiculous like hiding bad guys in their shadows or casting twisted, gnarled spires into the sky like fishermen trying to reel in the sun, but even that isn't enough. The caves are amazing and they're everywhere. There is always coal and iron within visual distance, even when underground.

There are many levels with patches of epic mountains, but no seed has allowed itself to be consumed by mountains in quite the way that this one has. I tried to find as much as I could, but it would be hubris of the highest magnitude to say that I came close to finding even half of what this seed has to offer.

And I've been working on it for three days!

I'm not sure I'll ever know what a perfect 10.0 in mountains looks like, but I'm sure that this is the closest I've come to seeing it.


Even though almost half of this map is arctic and frozen, even the cold parts are a blast. This is just one big hunk of mountains. Good luck making your way around, this map took me almost two hours to make. The southwest corner is a miniature suicide level... if you feel so inclined.

Classification: Tundra
water 23.0%
forest 5.6%
plains 20.3%
sand 3.2%
ice/snow 42.8%
* margin of error +/- 1.0%

Land Bridges

  • [-241.68.56] huge shadowy land bridge with coal
  • [-269.79.116] mega coal in small land bridge
  • [-33.73.-238] small land bridge with medium overhang
  • [4.73.-192] medium land bridge with medium spire
  • [394.70.-105] small land bridge with mushrooms


  • [-120.72.359] black hole dead drop small cave, Y=55
  • [-7.70.-95] deep cave, Y=12, gold, lava and a large floater
  • [16.19.-75] diamonds
  • [223.60.-204] deep pitfall cave, Y=12
  • [247.12.-196] obsidian, coal, iron, redstone
  • [233.14.-265] mega gold deposit, coal, lapis lazuli, lava fall and waterfall

Items of Interest

  • [2.66.308] gravel pit
  • [-25.66.359] sugar
  • [-111.79.373] pitfall hidi-hole
  • [-160.82.383] small coal cave
  • [-135.72.343] medium valley with two tall waterfalls and one small waterfall
  • [-200.111.332] tallest point
  • [-247.76.242] deep dead drop cave complex
  • [-222.98.259] dead drop crater, two medium floaters
  • [-175.81.208] large hidi-hole
  • [-114.81.166] large hidi-hole with coal
  • [-129.85.116] tall cascading waterfall with coal
  • [-70.68.48] pitfall
  • [-35.84.26] small overhang and pumpkins
  • [-38.98.-6] massive sinkhole
  • [-31.69.-72] large spire with cave in it, sugar
  • [-29.70.-88] large open air cave complex
  • [18.69.-101] shortcut cave
  • [-390.65.-359] medium sandbar
  • [-207.66.-275] small alluvial gravel
  • [-37.105.-216] pitfall and hidi-hole
  • [-27.100.-209] monster sinkhole
  • [45.73.-262] pumpkins
  • [-81.65.-392] pitfall cliff
  • [8.65.-355] pre-made obsidian pit (crack ice to turn on generator)
  • [77.72.-375] small cave
  • [173.75.-376] an arch
  • [289.84.-287] small crater
  • [296.71.-166] lava pit
  • [324.79.-174] large erosion with coal
  • [168.71.326] pumpkins
  • [205.85.-80] medium ravine and medium floater
  • [175.71.-124] large overhang


First up, nothing describes this level better than the photograph at the top. It's a gigantic mountain, a deep cave, and some flatland to add some sight lines. If it wasn't for these flatlands, this would have been a 10.0 in mountains.

Beneath that, a view under a land bridge showing two of the three waterfalls that can be found in this epic valley. The sides are sheer cliffs, but the floor is rolling hills of green. It's a great place to plop down a fort.

At right, three photographs. Starting from top, this arch sits all alone in the middle of a boring, frozen island in the southeast of the map. Below that, this pit is absolutely shrouded in darkness but just narrow enough that it doesn't spawn any baddies. Beautiful nonetheless. Finally, this is a shot of a monstrous sinkhole that I found. It doesn't look as impressive from the other side due to the snow, but it's immense and full of possibilities.

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