Sunday, August 26, 2012

Seed & Map: murderofcrows


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • ++ Advanced ++
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 4.8
DW 4.2
C 6.3
W 5.5
SP 5.4
VR 4.8
AF 3.2

My Review

I really enjoyed this seed. I think it's a top quality prospect. There were numerous places where I could hear the sound of enemies just underfoot. Something tells me that you could pick any location and simply scratch the surface for a full-on battle. This is a well-balanced level, though I would only recommend it for advanced players if you plan on playing anything other than sleepy mode.

Items of Interest

Warning: the following list contains coordinates and descriptions of the majority of resources and other features in this seed. If you prefer to discover these things on your own, skip ahead to the final paragraph.

  • [-208.65.-322] zombie sounds
  • [-234.65.-338] spider sounds
  • [-337.70.-356] long land bridge
  • [-352.67.-303] small cave with sound of zombies behind wall
  • [-295.93.82] medium cave
  • [-242.67.215] deep cave
  • [-277.64.192] iron, large cave system
  • [-226.68.184] small lava fall with small forest fire
  • [-155.67.203] two land bridges, one tall and one skinny
  • [347.65.264] medium flat beach
  • [345.65.106] sugar
  • [213.65.152] cave complex with coal
  • [189.65.88] medium gravel, dig down for coal
  • [165.68.22] collapsing sand
  • [327.65.-310] medium overhang
  • [169.69.-389] hidi-hole
  • [163.64.-265] overhang over water and coal
  • [160.65.-196] medium clay
  • [41.84.-16] medium floater and medium overhang
  • [19.66.153] medium gravel


This seed features several caves with large mouths. This is a good example. This cave is imbedded in the side of a mountain and is actually very small compared to the size of its mouth. I will refer to this henceforth as Doughnut Cave.

At right, the top image is of a really long land bridge that stretches across the entrance to a small bay. While it may look thick from this angle, sanding on it reveals that it's only three or four blocks wide. You can find it at -337.70.-356. Below that, this is a view from inside a cave complex looking up past a medium waterfall at the mouth of another nearby cave.

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