Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seed: magmanimous


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • ++ Expert ++
  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 4.8
DW 3.3
C 5.1
W 3.2
SP 5.3
VR 2.4
AF 2.1

My Review

Continuing on my volcano themed seeds, be careful of the spelling on this one. It's "magma" plus "nimous" -- not the word "magnanimous", a word that means generous or forgiving. I assure you, this level is neither. Harsh conditions begin with a lack of wood and intensify if you try to go anywhere and have to swim there. I saw very little that was visually appealing. This one is a pass for beginners and a play for people looking for a really tough challenge or a flat plain to build a village.

Items of Interest

  • [-90.65.-76] clay
  • [-100.63.-61] deep hole
  • [-19.66.-148] clay
  • [-3.66.-154] the sound of skeletons
  • [25.65.-237] sugar
  • [201.70.-236] open flat plain for town
  • [280.72.-280] sugar


This is a four-corners shot taken from the spawn.

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