Saturday, June 22, 2013

TU9 Seed & Map: keelhaul

Total Score
17.6 / 30.0 ( 58.7% )
RIM Scores (MAX: 10.0)
REAL7.9 INT4.2 MAG5.5


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • ++ Expert ++
  • Suicidal Expert
  • Nightmare

Technical Details

Seed Number: -5981 6879
Version: XBL 1.4 (TU9) (no PC equiv)


Keelhaul is a form of corporal punishment. When a sailor disobeyed an order or was accused of mutiny, a rope was slung under the boat and tied to the sailor in question. Then, the rest of the sailors pulled the line and drug him under the boat and back up the other side. Possible results: cuts, scratches, lacerations, amputation, decapitation, and drowning.


Holy mushrooms!


  • None


  • [58.24.-29] ender portal, three entrances, x1 eye

Above Ground

  • [-80.98.289] two large mushroom islands
  • [401.82.223] two small mushroom islands
  • [58.77.-267] medium mushroom island #1
  • [-365.85.-275] medium mushroom island #2
  • [-399.65.176] pumpkins
  • [-89.84.-106] large mushroom island #3
  • [63.64.-3] dive down for ender portal

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