Sunday, October 21, 2012

1.8.2 Seed & Map: rhythm&rhyme

Total Score
58.8 / 170.0 ( 34.6% )
FLAT 2.1 V 5.9 M/H 6.7
RAV 2.1 C 3.3 AMS --
HOLD -- DW 2.1 OH 6.6
LB 5.8 FLOAT -- SHADE 5.8
W 5.5 CLAY 3.3 LAVA 3.1
WF 4.8 LF 1.7    


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • ++ Advanced ++
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert


Seed Number: -1869728373
Version: XBL 1.8.2 (equiv PC 1.2)

My Review

Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere! Theoretically, if you play the game long enough, the pumpkins will consume that entire south island. Beyond that, two really nice villages and some nice formations. The waterfall in the photo above was so beautiful, but equally lethal because it helps hide day-walkers spawning under the rock behind it.

Can't Miss

I found this humungous cavern just below the surface at 247.53.145. I will henceforth refer to it as "The Dark Theater". It's only a giant hole, so there isn't much to say about it, but it was really impressive standing in the middle of it and so I figured I'd mention it.


The mountains in the center of the map are awesome and gnarly lookin'. The two villages are catty corner on the map (NW, SE).


  • [-250.65.-246] village, x15 buildings, guard tower, deep cave in middle of town, Y=12
  • [292.70.340] village, x10 buildings, blacksmith


  • [109.63.-327] medium cave, y=35
  • [-317.73.-98] small pitfall cave
  • [-259.13.-197] obsidian generator
  • [-257.12.-166] x6 diamonds
  • [89.42.-309] dungeon, x2 chests, saddle
  • [247.53.145] "The Dark Theater", massive overhang cavern, Y=31

Above Ground

  • [371.65.-267] large narrow ravine with lava fall
  • [236.67.-321] pumpkins
  • [120.72.-344] two pumpkin patches
  • [-277.71.31] x7 clay field
  • [-225.68.167] pumpkins
  • [-284.64.182] lava pit
  • [-260.73.388] small desert
  • [-44.76.214] heavy overhang, tall waterfall
  • [53.64.185] double land bridge, one small, one large
  • [41.73.304] medium sinkhole
  • [103.87.318] small land bridge in cliff
  • [114.100.351] sky-high pumpkins
  • [156.72.320] hidden lava pit
  • [217.65.323] small erosion with coal


[TOP] This waterfall was absolutely killer. I mean that literally -- I died the first time I found it from angry skeletons whose arrows pierced first the water and then my flesh.

[ABOVE]This is a nice piece of shadow attached to what would normally have been an overhang save for this one rail-thin leg that's attached. I just want to hack it to pieces.

[ABOVE] This was hysterical. It's this perfectly formed town with no people in it. Where did the people go? Oh, well chances are they all fell into the massive hole in the middle of their town. This thing looks like a horror movie. I feel like an alien worm came up, ate all the citizens, then burrowed back down to hibernate.

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