Saturday, September 22, 2012

Seed & Map: windcriesmary


  • Beginner
  • ++ Intermediate ++
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn and Version

Spawn: 40.64.-22
Version: XBL 1.1.1 (equiv Beta 1.7.3)

Seed Score
MH 5.5
DW 7.2
C 4.1
W 4.4
SP 2.8
VR 3.7
AF 5.7


It's the name of a great Jimi Hendrix song.

My Review

What a fantastic seed. Even though it's pretty far down on the list of seeds today, on any other day it would be near the top. I rated it "intermediate" because of the vast amount of water and patches of desert that would give a beginner who spawned there some problems. There are lots of water features on this level like coves and bays and such. There are also plenty of overhangs and a few land bridges. Most importantly, I found a monstrous hidi-hole that generates armies of bad guys. Keep an eye out for it, but don't get too close.

Can't Miss

The monstrous hidi-hole/bad guy generator is something you simply have to see. It's not a cave. It's more like the serendipitous melding of several mountains into a massive concave expanse that is just completely shaded and full of death.


This seed map is basically an odd, dirty island scarred by two huge erosion spots and covered in lakes, bays, and coves. You'll find some good mountains in the south.

Classification: Island
water 44.6%
trees 15.5%
plains 18.7%
sand 13.5%
ice/snow 4.1%
* margin of error +/- .7%


  • [-69.79.-388] small floater with medium overhang and tall waterfall
  • [161.67.266] medium overhang
  • [-326.65.306] medium overhang with sugar
  • [-236.65.387] large tabletop overhang
  • [67.66.234] medium overhang with coal
  • [92.73.232] medium overhang


  • [381.65.-62] medium clay
  • [389.65.102] small clay
  • [50.66.0] huge clay
  • [-92.65.269] large clay

Items of Interest

  • [57.65.-27] large flat beach
  • [43.64.-139] small cave with iron and coal
  • [-102.73.-171] erosion with coal
  • [-105.73.-196] crater lake
  • [-146.64.-159] coal and iron cave complex
  • [-164.66.-265] small sandbar
  • [-134.88.-376] pumpkins on large hill
  • [63.70.-364] hidden deep cave
  • [157.65.-335] suspicious hole, but not a dungeon
  • [346.63.-392] deep dead drop cave with coal
  • [339.67.-154] large coal
  • [295.65.-147] underwater sinkhole
  • [385.64.123] underwater cave
  • [334.72.339] two small floaters
  • [138.69.293] large land bridge with pitfall
  • [93.92.356] small cave diving experience (that's right, a cave dive)
  • [71.79.356] large hidi-hole
  • [-132.68.347] monstrous hidi-hole/bad guy generator
  • [-264.65.373] medium lake and medium floater
  • [-328.65.339] two cascading tall waterfalls
  • [-396.86.124] medium arête
  • [-399.72.88] large floater with hidi-hole
  • [-273.71.-189] beautiful deep cave complex
  • [-252.66.-48] small falling sand
  • [-232.69.120] medium erosion with small coal
  • [-31.65.262] medium cave complex
  • [84.72.184] small lake
  • [177.65.147] medium cave complex with large iron deposit


At top, this land bridge has a pitfall behind it. The result is an interesting shadow pattern that casts against the sheer cliff inside this nook. I'm not sure the shadows can spawn baddies, but keep an eye out.

At right, two images. The first is a shadowy scar running across the base of this mesa. It's worth noting that the pigs on the left committed suicide one by one while I was here, which resulted in an overabundance of hamsteaks. Below, this skinny little overhang needed legs in order to keep it from falling to the ground. The lake in the foreground is surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs.

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