Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Quick Ones

These two seeds were pretty bland as far as the overall ratings went, but each had something special that I know some of you are always on the look out for.

Seed: gypsysunandrainbows

Jimi's first album was a bust, but in the center of the board are a series of spider-web islands with very, very flat isthmuses. Dead flat, mind you: ready for construction. This would be a prime location for some waterfront real estate.

Seed: C418

This is the name of the band that wrote the music for Minecraft. Sadly, I turned off the music for Minecraft, so this board has no sentimental value. Instead, it does have a deep cave at 64.68.270 that goes all the way down to Y=12, though the last lava pit is a dead drop, so don't get trapped down there. Gold, iron, and redstone were all there. As you head down the cave gets less and less impressive, but worth mentioning.

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