Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seed: 2


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  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 5.9
DW 2.3
C 6.8
W 3.9
SP 4.1
VR 5.6
AF 5.3

My Review

Sometimes we overthink things. We come up with these big fancy seed names when really all we need to do is just plug in "2", for instance. There's a submerged cave by where I spawned that was a great little hidi-hole to start with. Then, just behind the hidi-hole was a humungous deep cave. This level is filled with caves. You're going to find lots of them. There are an inordinate number of chickens in this level. You'll also find some small gravel pits and a fair amount of sugar.

Items of Interest

  • [51.81.-18] I found a valley with a cave with a sandy bottom
  • [65.66.-99] there's a gravel pit
  • [5.68.-182] there's a nice little hidi-hole
  • [-54.75.-191] I refer to this as the Three Roses cave as there are three red flowers near the mouth of the cave
  • [-97.69.-188] there's a really deep cave with a subterranean waterfall inside

Image Coordinates

A great view from the spawn looking northeast at a massive mountain that juts up out of nowhere. This thing was a great climb. The shot on the right is of the humungous deep cave near the spawn.

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