Saturday, May 11, 2013

TU9 Seed & Map: bananasfoster

[CORRECTION: This post was originally posted as "bananafoster" and not "bananasfoster". Sorry for the inconvenience.]

Total Score
25.7 / 30.0 ( 85.7% )
RIM Scores (MAX: 10.0)
REAL6.6 INT10 MAG9.1


  • Beginner
  • ++ Intermediate ++
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Technical Details

Seed Number: 127 661 9333
Version: XBL 1.4 (TU9) (no PC equiv)


Bananas covered in ice cream and rum and Bacardi 151 then set ablaze. It tastes like candy dipped in jet fuel, but the light show makes it worth it.


On any other day, this seed would easily top the charts. It's just dumb luck it got trumped. It took a long time to search through the mountains on this level looking for things to photograph. Then it took an even longer time cutting down the number of photographs I wanted to show you to a reasonable number. Scenic doesn't even begin to describe it.

Can't Miss

I found a crazy, thin spire that stretches way into the sky. It shall henceforth be known as "The Wand" and just next to it is a nice little floater. You should totally check out this pair if you happen to be in town.

Can't Miss #2

The northeast corner has an elevated island ringed by cliffs. It's not particularly big, but it's imposing and really a cool place to set up a fort.


  • [-177.81.-432] village, x1.6 buildings including half-way house


  • [143.29.32] library

Above Ground

  • [-231.74.384] deep basin
  • [-73.67.242] pumpkins
  • [-28.66.347] medium ravine, awesome!
  • [31.68.219] shortcut cave
  • [312.63.274] completely submerged underwater ravine
  • [207.114.35] spire, "The Wand"
  • [348.109.-108] tallest point, skinny butte
  • [312.102.-140] other skinny butte
  • [210.106.-113] medium flat floater
  • [236.90.-165] X-style ravine with crazy butte
  • [380.81.-384] cliff island
  • [38.76.-283] pumpkins
  • [-71.65.-307] lava pit
  • [-191.64.-284] large flatland and pumpkins
  • [-281.94.-90] small land bridge, floater
  • [134.93.20] dig down for lapis/cave

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