Sunday, November 4, 2012

Today's Seeds: Nov 4, 2012

What's crackin' people. I have finally fully recovered from the effects of Hurricane Sandy and now I am back up and running and I have a half dozen seeds for you and, frankly, one entry that isn't a seed so much as it is a broken husk of a map -- a shameful survival nightmare set against the backdrop of a tiny island in the middle of a lake in the middle of nowhere.

  • [ 96.8 ] littleblackant
  • [ 82.5 ] misfitmadness
  • [ 78.1 ] fallentree
  • [ 70.2 ] proposedposition
  • [ 66.3 ] relegated
  • [ 52.8 ] blastdamage
  • [ 10.0 ] 6921814811422130416

In addition to these other seeds, I also have a bonus seed that I didn't feel like writing up, but was a very nice beginner level. The seed "intemerata" (no quotes) was one of the best mega-forests I've found. Outside of the trees/wood/forests you won't find much of anything else, but it's a nice place to start for noobs. Here is the map:

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